Our natural milk is produced from happy quality cows. We regulate very closely what our cows eat to insure they produce the best quality milk. Brown Swiss milk has a high fat-to-protein ratio. This means that the milk is extremely rich. Our cows produce natural milk that is free of artificial growth hormones. Our milk is low vat pasteurized.  However, the milk is not homogenized. This allows the cream to rise to the top inside each jug.
Our butter is made from our fresh 40% cream. Once it is churned, we hand press out the excess liquid. This enables the butter to keep longer. Then any extra ingredients are added. Finally, the butter is weighed and put into containers or wax paper.

    Our beef is cut from our farm raised steers. They are allowed to graze all day. Right before the meat is harvested, the steers are supplemented with our home grown forage to improve the taste of the meat.